Sunday, April 19, 2015


BAKERSFIELDNOW - KERN COUNTY HOMELESS CENSUS  There is only one homeless shelter in Kern County...  the stats since 2007 are impressive but there are lots of homeless children in Kern,

This year, 953 individuals were determined to be homeless, which is a 4 percent decline from 2014 and a 38 percent decline since 2007. ...   lot of times homelessness ... there is a cycle of homelessness. We see a lot of families that will say I was homeless as a child," said Lollar.

Currently, there is only one homeless shelter in Kern County, the Bakersfield Homeless Center.

"It's a very large shelter, but we need more. We need more shelters," said Lollar.

The census showed that in shelters people stay homeless for a shorter amount of time. In shelters, the length of time a person stays homeless is an average of 17 months, versus 29 months. Lollar said in shelters people can get job training, get enrolled in school, and get healthy.

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