Saturday, July 16, 2016


BRUCE JENNER, now CAITLYN, is the most famous, and one of the richest, TRANSGENDER people on this earth.  So, we dare her to finance a transgender friendly homeless shelter!

Here is what happened when a concerned citizen activist and business owner decided to help gay and transgendered homeless:

WEHOVILLE - LOVE NOT HATE ORDERED TO STOP HOUSING HOMELESS PEOPLE  by the staff and published Jan 26, 2016 - full article


Zilberman is a vendor of the ES Collection at his store in West Hollywood. Last Spring Zilberman founded Love No Hate, which he describes as the country’s first privately owned LGBT center, in a converted storefront at 7990 Santa Monica Blvd. adjacent to the upscale Laurel Hardware restaurant. Love No Hate’s original focus was on LGBT issues, and the store features various related pieces of art and a meeting room. Zilberman then began stressing transgender rights issues and organized meetings there of transgender people.

Just before Thanksgiving last year, Zilberman began letting homeless people spend the night at the Love No Hate location. Zilberman said as many as a dozen people slept overnight. “I fed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” Zilberman said.

He also let homeless people hang out at Love No Hate during the daytime, with some stopping by for food and others to escape cold weather or rain. Zilberman said as many as 80 homeless people would come through Love No Hate on some days.

But several weeks ago the City of West Hollywood reminded Zilberman that his shop was supposed to close by 2 a.m. and asked him to stop letting homeless people sleep over.

David Giugni, WeHo’s social services manager, said representatives of People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), a non-profit agency with which the city has a contract, have visited the No Love No Hate location since it opened to help connect homeless people there with a variety of social services. Giugni said that PATH will help those who are not able to stay at No Love No Hate, connecting them with one of the other homeless services suppliers in the county if there aren’t enough beds available at PATH.


OK FOLKS... PATH ALWAYS HAS A WAIT LIST and where they will steer you is SKID ROW.  What's up with West Hollywood, which has historically prided itself for it's empathy!

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