Saturday, March 14, 2015


Over the last few days, those who have been staying at Cold Weather Shelters and have not been taken into a year round shelter program are facing going back to outdoor camping, sleeping in vehicles, or sleeping in a sleeping bag on the pavement.

We always hope this blog will help those who are in need to find food, clothing, and shelter.  We know shelter is the much more difficult issue.  You may not always have healthy or a good variety of foods or be able to cook or heat food, but between feeds, food pantries, and EBT benefits, you probably won't actually experience starvation.  And you may not always be able to shower often enough or be able to own or carry changes of clothes with you, but you probably won't go naked.

As a result of the conditions of sleeping outdoor, including pain inflicting concrete to put a sleeping bag down on, homeless often drag mattress that others have put out on the curb for big item pick ups throughout the Southland, to their sleeping space, be that an abandoned building,  in a park, or up one of the local mountains.  While these mattresses become dirty, they are a pleasure to sleep on under the stars until they get wet with rain.  Mattresses mean a warmer and more body-supported sleep for many.

We see many sides to this issue but the BASIC ISSUE is that NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO BE HOMELESS, that NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO BE DESPERATE FOR A MORE COMFORTABLE OR WARM SLEEP that they have to drag an old thrown out mattress anywhere.

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