Friday, May 8, 2015


We've been hearing complaints about the way landlords who take Section 8 in Burbank, California are playing their tenants.  Burbank, unlike the City of Los Angeles, has NO RENT CONTROL.  So renters in Burbank who aren't even using Section 8 vouchers can experience having their rents raised at any time and by hundreds of dollars.

We're hearing that Burbank Section 8 tenants fear eviction if they make legitimate requests for repairs, that landlords blame them and want money for things like old carpet that is worn out due to regular use rather than abuse, and some have been calling in friends to help them deal with broken plumbing and so on rather than report it.  They are afraid their landlords will raise the rent so that they have to move when they don't have deposit money and will become homeless.   This makes Burbank a bad place to rent.

ARE BURBANK LANDLORDS WORSE THAN MOST?  Are they only taking Section 8 because they can't rent their run down old buildings to people who have more choice in housing?

We'd like to hear more from those of you who have been renting in Burbank with the help of Section 8.

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Anonymous said...

My Section 8 is in the city of LA but my landlord also has a Section 8building in Burbank. They are slumlords. Found out the only reason they take 8 is because they couldn't get any renters any other way. They are so cheap everything breaks and they blame it on the tenant. They let one of the other tenants in the building go without a stove for near two months. Yes, everyone is afraid to report it. One person did, 8 didn't handle it well, and the person was revenged.

But we really need the program.