Thursday, October 3, 2013


Reading over many articles about the FREE LINELINE CELL PHONE for homeless and low income individuals,  we saw on several sites that not homeless people were pretty ignorant about why homeless people would even need cell phones!  We're also concerned that there may be high charges for going over your minutes having gotten by barely with about 300 minutes a month ourselves.  (One call easily takes 15 minutes, and if you're calling a busy number, the HOLD TIME can eat those minutes up fast!)

We can't recommend any particular cell phone provider but if you want to tell us about a good or bad experience with one, please leave a COMMENT!

So here is our list!

1) Because working phone booths are hard to find and you can't get a return phone call on them and you probably can't loiter near a phone booth.

2) Because free phone service lets people who've been paying for phones and service use that money for something else they need.

3) Because a homeless person with a cell phone can call 911 if they need help - police - ambulance - just like most people who are not homeless can.

4) Because you can communicate with places and people that may help you, such as Social Services, Shelters, and Employers

5) Overall with a phone you're less isolated and more connected as a human being.

6) Cell Phones allow you to connect with people who would be LONG DISTANCE calls otherwise, like your family or old friends, maybe people who can help you or take you in.

7) They work when it comes to passing as not homeless!

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