Monday, October 20, 2014


MIDNIGHT MISSION ORG OFFICIAL WEB SITE   lots to read.  Here is some of it.

"Get Help

When you or a family member is struggling with drug addiction, sobriety can seem like an impossible goal. But recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless the situation seems. Change is possible with the right treatment and support, and by addressing the root cause of your addiction. Don’t give up—even if you’ve tried and failed before. The road to recovery often involves bumps, pitfalls, and setbacks. But by examining the problem and thinking about change, you’re already on your way.

If you or someone you care for is dependent on alcohol or drugs and needs treatment, it is important to know that no single treatment approach is appropriate for all individuals. Finding the right treatment program involves careful consideration of such things as the setting, length of care, philosophical approach and your or your loved one’s needs.

During The Midnight’s 100 years of service we have helped thousands of individuals and their families rebuild their lives.  Our impact has stretched across the country and across the globe.  Many of our alumnus live successful, productive and self sufficient lives within our communities."

"Courtyard Outreach

The Courtyard Outreach Program is a unique form of outreach for the Skid Row community. Our outdoor courtyard is open to anyone during the day and is a safe place to sleep in at night for those who are resistant to the idea of shelters. The overarching program helps break the cycle of homelessness by identifying the most vulnerable individuals in our courtyard and creating a bridge to our life-saving services. Our courtyard is a safe, monitored outdoor space specifically for homeless individuals.
The courtyard team performs a subtle form of engagement in order to connect with our homeless guests, many of whom experience the reluctance of accepting help or shelter that comes with chronic homelessness. The guiding idea is to gradually move individuals into services over time through regular daily engagement. The use of EDARs,  a canvas tent-like structure on wheels  has been instrumental in helping courtyard residents get a feel for having a roof over their head in a safe environment. With the program, we continue to establish trust, allowing us to provide services to those once thought of as unreachable.
During the course of a 90-day EDAR stay, Case Managers actively assess and monitor the courtyard guests’ needs and goals. Many of those who transition into EDARs ultimately access other social service programs, like addiction treatment, mental health care and permanent supportive housing."

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