Friday, November 28, 2014


The haves will be out spending their money today - mostly buying Christmas presents - so we are giving you a list of charities that we recommend who help the have-nots.  This short list is based on what people are saying on the street, our own experiences, as well as a good look at the number of hits various posts have gotten over the last year.  We know that if a homeless person is in need they may use this blog to find services they might be able to access.

HERE IS OUR LIST OF NON PROFITS THAT WE THINK DESERVE A DONATION:  SHOWER TRUCKS - SAN FERNANDO VALLEY RESCUE MISSION and rebuilding since fire.  Small family shelter.  Shower Trucks for anyone who can meet up with one.  We've met a number of people who depend on these showers to not just smell good but preserve their dignity while out among people.  M.E.N.D.  Meeting Each Need with Dignity.
Showers, clothes, hot meal, groceries, bus tokens on Tuesday AM for Homeless.  Takes no government funds.  Our experience is that they really do treat homeless with Dignity.  LANCASTER COMMUNITY SHELTER RUN BY GRACE RESOURCES.  Or other charities in the area that help the homeless.  The Antelope Valley has 12-13% of the homeless in Los Angeles County but only gets a small percentage of the funding from governmental agencies. Therefore Vice Mayor Crist this year started begging for funds.  If you're wondering where homeless people go when they don't want to go to skid row and have been "moved along" from various places in the county, it's north to the high desert, where you can freeze to death at night.  PROJECT TOUCH TEMECULA  347 hits to our post in the last 12 months, we know that Riverside County homeless are looking for help through this organization.  ASCENCIA
Since our original post in March 2012 on Ascencia, which separated from P.A.T.H and takes on Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood, and Pasadena homeless, there have been over 1600 hits on Ascencia.  We think they are overburdened, do too much intake for the numbers of people they can help.  Donating may make those numbers more even.

AS ALWAYS READ "ASK THE SHELTER" which is on our PAGES part of the sidebar.  These are questions a person should ask who wants to go into a shelter, questions no intake person or management of a shelter should be shy about answering, and questions you as someone who wants to donate should ask have the answers to.

In some parts of the country the ONLY help homeless can receive is through religious organizations that may push a Biblical agenda, despite that person's religion of heritage or choice.

MAY WE SUGGEST THAT YOU "PAY IT FORWARD" by simply giving some money away, perhaps to someone you know or see around who is in need?  Be the secret elf who hands over an envelope of cash or a bag of your own gently worn clothes.  If you're shy about wanting a person to know the money is from you, hand it over saying someone else asked you to, and walk away.

T H A N K S!


Darcy said...

Really wish you wouldn't list project touch as "needing" help. Worked for them after paying 300 for a bed. 3 bdrm with each room housing 3 to 4 people, plus they raised the rent to 350 for a single woman. It was 900 being paid out of the room I stayed in. Do the math, she's also getting funding from the government. I seen a Mom who took 10 dollars for her sons birthday get screamed at by Anne. Anne likes to talk down to the homeless. She also likes to use God to make people do things. Telling us God said we had to do this or that.... A prophet she is not! And for the ones who work for her she uses them until they have nothing left to give... The shelter is so needed. But so is more. They have no resources listings. You have 18 year olds booted from the foster system that need some extra help. Look into all the churches that rarely help out project touch. Wish it was different, but Anne looks down at the people like rats.


Thanks for your comment Darcy. We've never been in that shelter but we know of people who were stacked into bunkbeds in small rooms and sharing one bathroom with no common area, no cooking not even a microwave, so to us a house with three bedrooms that are shared sounds doable. But read our PAGES and our sidebar for LEGAL.