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And if you've been reading us a while then you know that there are all sorts of services POSSIBLE for the homeless here in Southern California, especially Los Angeles, the homeless capital of the United States.  We say POSSIBLE rather than "available" because anyone who has ever been homeless here and reached out for help is going to know that...

There are waiting lists for shelters.  People sleep on the streets, in tents under freeway underpasses, in sleeping bags in the bushes, in vehicles that were never meant for sleeping, in abandoned buildings, in with people who are abusive to them that they would rather not live with if they had a choice.  They rent garages meant for cars with a hose for running water and an electric cord running from the house.  Or in RV's that have no toilet and running water because they can't afford a camp ground.  Senior citizens have taken to living in vans with lettering on the outside that makes the van appear to be only for business.

Shelters don't always move homeless people into housing, even some who brag that they are "model" programs and offer amazing stats (we know better and think "how did they come up with that number?

Many nonprofits that are in the HOMELESS BUSINESS have religious requirements, some are even cults.  They require that you join their version of Christianity, or that you go out and try to convert people, who you are expected to go to services, even pray or be prayed over, which leaves out anyone who wants to keep their own religious beliefs private, is Jewish or Agnostic, or who doesn't think that their homelessness is a punishment from God.  Some that take Government Funds and are supposed to be non-religious no profits still have Directors

For a long time now we've had this link posted on our sidebar: NON PROFIT IMPERATIVE

This is a kick ass site that reveals all the FRAUD that has gone on with nonprofits.  Here's a post for you:

Government Misuse of Charities, Again, In Question

by Gary Snyder

An interesting article in Nonprofit Quarterly on the misuse of charities:

The trend to create nonprofit organizations to do work that had once been the responsibility of a government agency continues despite questions about effectiveness, transparency, and accountability. 

Despite all of the questions and allegations of misuse of funds, lack of transparency, and overstated success rates, the trend to create these nonprofits continues. Illinois is one example, and Saratoga in New York is another, hiring someone from Indiana to help with a nonprofit agency there. As NPQ suggested in an earlier article, this is definitely a trend to monitor.
We believe that one effect of having Republican presidents is that government has expected volunteerism and the churches to be social welfare organizations.  It's a way that Republicans can steer more people into Christianity.

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