Monday, September 14, 2015


Transgendering people probably have the worst time on the street and in shelters you can have homeless.  Most of those we've met don't even bother to apply to get into shelters.  They stay in their truck till it breaks down and a sleeping bag in the park after that.  They tell us they can't even find a good place to take a shower.  They are afraid of being raped for who or what they are.  RELIGIOUS SHELTER PROGRAMS may try to change their mind or convert them.

But we think we may be able to help you a little bit.

First of all, being gay, straight, bisexual, questioning, or transgendering is NO LONGER CONSIDERED A MENTAL ILLNESS.  But you may want to be in therapy with the right therapist just for the support while you are homeless or living in a shelter.

Second of all, BE MODEST. (We're not picking on you Henry, just because you like to show off.)

Being in a shelter is not the place to be in anyone's face about anything.

For locals we suggest you reach out to services in the West Hollywood area for the best understanding.

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