Friday, September 23, 2016


RAPE at shelters happens, and it's not only heterosexual rape.

Some shelters do not even have locks on the doors of the rooms that homeless live in,
At some the security is nonexistent or the guards have criminal backgrounds or are a joke.
ON THE STREETS RAPED HOMELESS FEAR MAKING POLICE REPORTS because they want to fly under the radar of the police.  But we think you should go to the hospital and make reports.

ON THE STREET WE HEAR ABOUT THE SEXUAL HARRASSMENT OF WOMEN AT SHELTERS by straight case managers.  We've heard about one who was finally fired but was telling women that they had to sleep with him if they wanted a Section 8 voucher.  We've heard about a homosexual case manager who threatened one man that if he didn't break up with his shelter girlfriend he would "bring him down."  The glances to his penis escalated into physical touching.

We recently heard about a homeless Christian woman who was threatened with rape by knifepoint on the streets in Burbank.  The homeless man who threatened her said he had already had all the other women in the camp.

If you want to tell us about your rape and don't want your comment to show after our approval, just write "Do Not Publish."

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