Friday, September 9, 2016


1) Surrender
2) Hope
3) Commitment
4) Honesty
5) Truth
6) Willingness
7) Humility
8) Reflection
9) Amendment
10) Vigilance
11) Attunement
12) Service

On our side bar we have the national AA link so you can search for a meeting just about anywhere. But if you're in the San Fernando Valley go to which is the CENTRAL OFFICE to find out about meetings, events, or to download a copy of RECOVERY TIMES.  The phone number for CENTRAL OFFICE is (818) 988-3001.  CENTRAL OFFICE also has a bookstore at 16132 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, at the corner of Sherman Way and Woodley) which is open every day.

If you are just out of rehab or living in a shelter, you may want to pair up with someone form the San Fernando Valley Hospitals and Institutions Committee (H and I).  These A.A. member volunteers will help you if you are leaving rehab, treatment, jail, hospital, and other institutions which usually includes homeless shelters.

If you know that alcohol is a problem for you, especially if it's the problem that lead you towards homelessness, please know that there are even psychologists and therapists who won't consider treating someone who isn't also in A.A.  A.A. has a decades long proven track record for helping people get off and stay off drink.  They are also a well attended and respected NETWORKING CLUB.

In Los Angeles there are meetings all over, at all hours, even specialty meetings for young people

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